What are the Birthstones for Each Month? A Jewellery Gift Guide

What are the Birthstones for Each Month? A Jewellery Gift Guide


Birthstones are gemstones that are associated with each month of the year. These gemstones are believed to have special properties and are thought to bring good luck and protection to the wearer.

Here is a list of the birthstones for each month of the year, along with their meanings and symbolism:

January: Garnet
- symbolizes passion and faithfulness. With its deep red color, Garnet is often associated with love, devotion, and commitment. It is said to represent the eternal bonds of love, the heart, blood, inner fire, and life force. It is also often given as a symbol of friendship or affection. With its meaning, Garnet makes a wonderful promise rings and engagement rings. It is also the gemstone for 2nd wedding anniversary. 


February: Amethyst
- symbolizes spirituality, peace and clarity. This mesmerizing purple quartz is often associated with magic, spirituality and higher wisdom. It is said to have a calming and tranquil effect, and is sometimes worn or used in meditation to help promote a sense of peace, clarity, and spiritual growth. 


Aquamarine and pearl earrings

March: Aquamarine
- symbolizes tranquility, serenity, and harmony. Aquamarine is named for its color, which is reminiscent of the ocean. In some culture, it is worn by sailors for protection during the sea voyage. It is believed to have a calming and soothing effect, and is often worn or used as a talisman to promote peace and inner quiet.


April: Clear Quartz - symbolizes clarity and purity. Clear quartz is an all-round healing crystal. It is said to have a powerful energy that can be used to amplify the energies of other gemstones, and is often used in crystal healing and meditation to help focus and amplify the mind. 


May: Emerald
- symbolizes growth, abundance, and renewal. This powerful gemstone is said to attract wealth and abundance. Emerald is often worn or carried as a talisman to promote good luck and prosperity. It is associated with the heart chakra and is believed to open the heart to unconditional love and divine love.


June: Pearl
- symbolizes innocence and serenity. Technically, pearl is not a gemstone but a product of shell mollusks. It is created when a mollusk secretes a substance called nacre around a foreign object that has entered its shell. Pearls are often associated with purity, innocence, and elegance, and are often worn or used as a symbol of beauty and refinement.

Another birthstone for June is Moonstone. Moonstone is named for its milky white color, which is reminiscent of the moon. It is often associated with mystery, intuition, and femininity, and is said to have a calming and soothing effect.


July: Ruby
- symbolizes passion, love, and prosperity. It is said to enhance courage and confidence, and is often worn to promote good luck and success. The deep red color of the ruby is said to represent the intensity and fire of romantic love, making it a popular choice for engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry that are given as tokens of affection.


Peridot Eye Ring

August: Peridot
- symbolizes protection and good fortune. Peridot symbolizes the sun, the source of new growth and abundance. It is said to increase happiness, attract wealth and success, and is often worn to promote good luck and prosperity.


Dainty Sapphire Necklace

September: Sapphire - symbolizes wisdom and nobility. Because of its deep blue color, sapphire is often associated with royalty, wisdom, and trust. It is also said to symbolize sincerity, truth, and faithfulness. Some people believe that the sapphire can also help to calm and clear the mind, making it a popular choice for meditation and spiritual work.


Raw Black Tourmaline Ring

October: Tourmaline - symbolizes protection and boundary. Many people believe that black tourmaline has powerful grounding and protective properties, and it is often used for spiritual work and meditation. Some people also believe that it can help to cleanse the aura and protect against negative energies, making it perfect to help with healthy boundaries.



Citrine Ring


November: Citrine - symbolizes joy and abundance. Citrine is a type of quartz that is known for its bright, sunny yellow color, which is why it is often associated with the sun and its warming, energizing properties. Because of its sunny color, citrine is often associated with happiness, positivity, and success. It is said to promote feelings of joy, abundance, and generosity, and it is believed to have the power to attract wealth and prosperity.


Turquoise Dangle Earrings

December: Turquoise
- symbolizes good fortune and communication. Turquoise is often associated with peace, tranquility, and healing. In many cultures, it is believed to have powerful protective and healing properties, and is often used for spiritual work and meditation. Some people also believe that turquoise has the ability to enhance communication and promote self-expression, making it a popular choice for people who want to express themselves more fully. 


Birthstone Chart


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