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About Me

Hi, thanks for visiting my shop :) My name is Mii and I started Aris Heartmade in June 2019.

I am originally from Bangkok. Like most people there, I used to have a 9-5 lifestyle that could be so busy that I slowly lost myself and meaning. I made a living but it was never fulfilling.

I've moved to Ireland to be with my partner. During the transitional period, I decided to give it a go with Aris Heartmade. And my new journey began :)

Aris Heartmade is a small one-person studio. Yes, I'm doing all of this alone and I love every up and down that comes with it.

I focus on making dainty, delicate pieces using high-quality materials such as 14K gold-filled, sterling silver, and genuine semi-precious gemstones.

Jewelry is not only accessories, but it carries significant meanings and messages to the wearer and those who are gifted. I want to create pieces that are simple and subtle, yet eye-catching and long-lasting. Something that you can wear every day as your signature.

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